yeah, i'm really into development and design



summer 2019 | redmond, wa

In my time at Microsoft, I developed features within the Azure Compute extension management systems automating various IT tasks on millions of customer virtual machines using Go and C++. While at Microsoft, I prepared code for production deployment by using thorough unit testing, Makefile building, and continuous integration with Azure Devops.


summer 2018 | san jose, ca

I supported the cloud operations team by developing fullstack web applications to improve automation and assist engagement with the team. One application was built using Angular, Flask, and mySQL and assessed the maturity and feasibility of a business unit's cloud infrastructure. The second application was built using Angular, Flask, and MongoDB and automated the team's cloud infrastructure invoice processing.


winter 2018 | college station, tx

As part of the fullstack web team at Sympliact, Jonathan lead the team in UI/UX by developing the majority of the team's frontend build in React. Additionally, he supported the backend system by integrating the database into the system using Redux and Node.js.


summer 2017 | austin, tx

While serving as a software engineering intern with the technical services team, I created a bot to assist the technical services team with case management. By using Cisco's Spark API provided through Cisco DevNet, he developed a system developed with Python and Node.js that routed all messaging and updates that went through their case management system through Cisco Spark (now Webex Teams).



technical director


design director | technical director

aggie coding club

project manager



very experienced

The majority of my personal projects are built around web development; thus, I am very experienced in javascript and javascript-based frameworks. Express, React, and Angular are three of the frameworks with which I have the most experience.

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very experienced

Whenever I want to completed any kind of scripting task or do any quick programming, Python is my language of choice. I use Python on almost an everyday basis, use it to complete coding interview questions and Leetcode problems, and have leveraged the Python frameworks Flask and Django for backend web servides.

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very experienced

Go is a language with which I have recently gained experience. I spent three months working on an open-source project for Microsoft entirely in Go. I have learned to love the language (even some its quirks **cough cough** error handling).

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very experienced

C++ is the language of efficiency, and that's when I use it the most. I learned C++ in my first year at Texas A&M University and have used it every year since. Over my summer at Microsoft, I frequented my use of C++ and have programmed with it extensively for competitive programming.

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oh yeah, and this is me

Howdy! I'm a 4th-year student at Texas A&M University finishing up my last year in my Computer Science degree. I'm minoring in math and business and am spending my last year working on research in data science and artificial intelligence under Ben Hu. I love Texas, photography, basketball, and graphic design

I'm seeking a full-time software engineering role doing fullstack web development. Reach out to me through LinkedIn or email!